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Simon Wong Year of the Monkey

Simon Wong at Michelangelo Gallery Calgary Click Here For Video

Simon Wong

Simon Wong at Michelangelo Gallery Calgary Click Here For Video

The Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre of Calgary

Art Forum is proud to be associated with the KOAC Fund Raising Fine Art Auction, featuring over 60 pieces  by some of the our most notable contemporary artists. A Silent and live auction was held on April 8th 2016, at Hotel Arts, 1st and 12th Ave S.W. Calgary, managed by Levis Auctions More details may be accessed here at the KOAC Art Auction Gala Site.

Katie Ohe and Harry Kiyooka’s vision is to establish the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre (KOAC) as an indoor and outdoor public contemporary art gallery that includes a botanic sculpture garden, wetlands, woods sanctuary, two studios, residence and Pavilion to house their extensive collection of contemporary paintings, sculpture and library.  Amassed over more than six decades, the art collection and library contains significant and important artwork by Katie and Harry as well as important work of other artists including Picasso and Janet Mitchell.  An incredibly rich portfolio that will inspire the public and artists for decades to come.

KOAC is a non-profit public art gallery dedicated to the research, exhibition, education and documentation of contemporary visual arts.  Other objectives include fostering creativity, lectures, symposia, workshops and artist residencies.  Programs and exhibitions will be designed to educate and entertain the public and artists alike.

Gallery, public exhibition and educational facilities consist of the two large studios, outdoor sanctuary and pathways, library and other spaces located in the residence all currently on site, and the to-be-constructed Pavilion.

More information about the foundation and its program can be found here at

Rosyln - Bill Laing

Rosyln – Bill Laing