About AFGA

The Art Forum Gallery Association (AFGA) is a not-for-profit association pursuing the vision of developing the Art Forum Gallery – a world-class, interactive visual arts program for the promotion and exhibition of the best in contemporary art, architecture design and new media.

Art Forum Gallery (AFG) is an open, viewer friendly forum for the best in contemporary art. AFG strives to inform a different kind of exhibition space, suitable to the 21st century, bringing transitory exhibitions and installations to you, no gallery walls, no fixed venues, utilizing and animating existing alternative spaces in Calgary with highly-complex, multi-disciplinary programming. Strategic partnerships with the business sector and diverse organizations will allow this innovative programming model to engage you with a direct artistic experience, bringing art directly to you in the spaces you inhabit.


Art Forum Gallery is a public visual arts program based Calgary and dedicated to the presentation of Canadian contemporary visual art, architecture, design and new media within the context of international art, and to promoting contemporary visual arts, architects, designers and New Media on the international stage in scholarly, well researched exhibitions. Special consideration in programming will be offered to the most recent graduates of post-secondary art schools in Calgary and Western Canada, and to the best, progressive international artists and designers. Strategic partnerships with those in the business sector, visual arts/design community and community at large, aggressive fundraising, a dedicated volunteer corp and financial responsibility will support AFG’s commitment to excellence in programming and provide free access to the Art Forum Gallery’ s programs for all.

Art Forum Gallery has been co-founded by

Michael Rae, architecturally trained designer, businessman, and experienced Arts / Not-For=profit administrator,
Jacek Malec, art historian, critic, lecturer, accomplished curator, and experienced public art gallery administrator

The Gallery is operated by the Art Forum Gallery Association (AFGA), a registered, not-for-profit organization committed to contemporary art in Calgary.

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