Saturday, Jan.25           11 to 7

      Sunday, Jan. 26           12 to 5


     8 Coach Gate Place SW

Susan Kristoferson – a renowned American contemporary paper art specialist and book artist is showing an extensive collection of artworks that incorporate papers that she and other artists have created. Collages that Susan has created alone and in collaboration with other artists evoke the energy of interpersonal relationships among people and their environment. These one-of-a-kind works span more that three decades of creativity that crosses from large landscape perspectives to fine introspection about fleeting nature of forces that ebb and flow across time and space. The series of artworks that will be on display begin with pieces from Susan’s graduate school days when she began to explore landscape imagery using colored pulp, collages emulating of weavings, and culminating in recent collaborative works that combine multi-media techniques of photography and stitching on collaged foundations. Susan will also display specialty papers that she creates using the techniques of the 16th century book arts technique known as paste-grain painting and a Japanese clamp-and-dye technique known as Itajime.

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