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Art collides with passers by!

New ‘gallery without walls’ debuts in corporate thoroughfare
Published October 10, 2013  by Cadence Mandybura in Visual Arts

 Visual artists and visual art fans know where to go in this city to find contemporary art. They’d gladly direct us to the many galleries and artist-run centres that house carefully curated exhibitions. But as vibrant as those spaces are, there are many Calgarians who haven’t had the time or inclination to set foot in a gallery proper, notwithstanding how much they may love visual art — and that’s where Art Forum Gallery steps in, and meets those people in their daily lives.

“We are trying to bring art directly to the people,””

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Arts Seen – week of Oct. 3, 2013 Fast Forward Magazine

Published October 3, 2013 by Maureen McNamee in Arts Seen
The newest art gallery in the city isn’t really a gallery at all. The goal of Art Forum Gallery (AFG), according to chief curator Jacek Malec (formerly of Triangle Gallery and MOCA), is to create an alternative public art gallery focused on 21st century art by animating existing spaces in the city and elsewhere.

“What we are planning to do is mainly to bring the art to the public and not the public to the gallery,” says Malec. “Generally, we are going outside the white cube of the gallery.”

He adds that the concept isn’t entirely new, pointing to Wreck City and Phantom Wing as great examples of spontaneous grassroots arts initiatives taking place outside gallery walls, but in this case, the exhibitions will be more streamlined and controlled, with detailed description and scholarly researched catalogues.

Of course, some of that will come with time, as AFG is starting from “ground zero.” Malec says they would like to establish relationships with community partners and businesses, …
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