Our Vision

We believe that the visual arts are integral part of the life of the community.

The vision of AGFA is to develop a world-class, interactive alternative public art program in the City of Calgary for the promotion and exhibition of the best in contemporary Canadian and international visual arts, architecture, design and New Media in transitory, non-conventional 21st Century spaces.

• To expand our appreciation and support of the visual arts through the provision of facilities, exhibitions, art education programs and related activities.
• To develop an organization of dedicated individuals with defined responsibilities.
• To implement an effective planning process in order to develop Art Forum Gallery as an interactive, world-class, and community-based, non-conventional public art program.
• Be a broadly based community organization with strong support from individuals, visual arts organizations, corporate and government institutions.
• Provide quality programming to the citizens of Calgary and the visitors to the city.

Do you think this is a good idea? We do, but we need your support, at the least by becoming a member. Its the easiest way to say Yes, good idea! – it’s only $25,

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Thank you for supporting the Art Forum Gallery (AFG), operated by Art Forum Gallery Association (AFGA), a not-for-profit organization. By becoming a member you are demonstrating your support for AFG. We will fulfill our vision to become a world-class alternative public art programming source for showcasing the best in contemporary art, architecture, design and new media in non-conventional places in Calgary and elsewhere. Art Forum gallery will play a vital role in attracting and retaining creative minds, bolstering tourism and cultivating an appreciation for arts and culture among our residents.
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